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This website is a work in progress! Call us for pricing and service.

Billy's Out Back

Carburetor Specialists​

Give us a call for free tech advice; we want your machine to run!

Carburetor Rebuild and Polishing

Damaged/Missing Part Replacement and Repair


[email protected]

DIY Carburetor Rebuild Kits
Lenses, Ignition Wires, Fuel Filters, Hoses, Jets, etc.

About the biz

We consider our business something to take pride in. If we take on a task, it gets our best and we don't stop until it's been done properly. Experience and wisdom earned from over twenty years of riding these classic muscle bikes and maintaining not only our own, but many others' Hondas from across the world means that there are few questions we can't answer and few parts we can't get. 

On that note... We will take every opportunity to say: pack your carbs properly! For instance, the throttle wheel is irreplaceable and if broken will turn your carburetor into a very expensive paperweight. At least two inches of densely-packed material on all sides in a properly sized box.