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This website is a work in progress! Call us for pricing and service.

Billy's Out Back

Carburetor Specialists​

Give us a call for free tech advice; we want your machine to run!

Carburetor Rebuild and Polishing

Damaged/Missing Part Replacement and Repair


[email protected]

DIY Carburetor Rebuild Kits
Lenses, Ignition Wires, Fuel Filters, Hoses, Jets, etc.

V4 Honda Motorcycle Carburetors

For over 20 years, this is all we have done. We have mastered the deceptively complicated art of rebuilding a carburetor, and we stand behind the quality of our work. Our kits are the best on the market: the most complete, closest to factory spec. All of our products and services are guaranteed and our track record is second-to-none: We do it right or we make it right, with pride and without fail.

What We Offer

Carburetor Rebuild Service

Ultrasonic and vapor-hone/media-blast cleaning of all parts using eco-safe chemicals, replacement of seals and hardware, and a final bench synchronization.

DIY Rebuild Kits

Stainless steel screws, modern Viton seals, fuel filters, ignition wires, lenses, hoses... If you want to perform your own maintenance, we have the parts you need.

Free Technical Advice

Ask us your questions! We have experience with all things Magna, Sabre, and Interceptor. We want your bike to run!

Keihin Carbs

Do you have a non-V4 Honda carb made by Keihin that you need help with? We may be able to offer assistance from answers to parts sourcing. We may expand our repertoire based on your demand.

What We Do and What We Need From You
(embed video, WIP)

This video will explain our process and what we need from you to keep it organized.

Disclaimer: Prices are based on rebuildable cores. Extra charges will be applied for damaged castings, missing or damaged parts. Upcharges will be based on replacement value. Contact us for pricing and concerns.

Intake & Teardown

Unpacking, inspection for damage in shipping, recycle packing materials, take pictures of carburetor on all 6 faces, attach paperwork for tracking.
Disassembly, structural inspection, discard old hardware and seals. Organization and preparation.

Clean & Polish

High-temperature ultrasonic cleaning of all parts; media-blast and wire-wheel cleaning of all small parts (jets, choke plungers, linkages, etc) and all pressure-sealing surfaces (float bowl gasket channels, throats, diaphragm channels, etc). Check all throughputs for debris and proper flow. 

Primo: polishing of entire carburetor exterior with media blasting and wire wheel, for a $40 upcharge. Identical performance as Econo service, but much shinier.


Reassembly, clear and check all passages and jets. Install new float valves, hardware, Viton O-rings. Final quality control for carburetor internals and synchronization of throttle and choke.

This step is only handled by our best and brightest to ensure expected results.


Final external inspection, inclusion of complimentary coolant crossover seals and fuel filter as well as EPA caps for the pilot screws. Boxing, packing, and finalization of order. 

Carburetors are packed with 1.5" packing on all sides minimum. We advise using more padding than you think is necessary, do not fail to protect your carbs in the mail! Certain parts, like the throttle wheel, are easily broken in shipping and are IRREPLACABLE. Others are costly, and the carburetor body itself is made of mostly zinc.