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Billy's Out Back

Carburetor Specialists​

Give us a call for free tech advice; we want your machine to run!

Carburetor Rebuild and Polishing

Damaged/Missing Part Replacement and Repair


[email protected]

DIY Carburetor Rebuild Kits
Lenses, Ignition Wires, Fuel Filters, Hoses, Jets, etc.

Carb Rebuild Service

The core service of Billy's Out Back: rebuilding your carburetor. We will clean all contact/sealing surfaces, replace most screws with stainless steel hex screws, and replace o-rings and gaskets with new Viton seals. If you want a very pretty carburetor, select Primo and we will polish the entire exterior in addition to the regular service.
Notice: slide caps can become rust-pitted if their chrome coating wears off. We cannot currently make those as shiny as the rest of the carburetor, until such a time as we may expand into anode-plating parts. 

Disclaimer: Prices are based on rebuildable cores. Extra charges will be applied for damaged castings and missing or damaged parts. Upcharges will be based on replacement value. Contact us for pricing and concerns.

Rebuild Service Pricing

We charge one of two base rates for this service, depending on the your model year. The newer V4's (after 1990) are more complex.
You may choose to pay an additional charge to have the exterior of your carburetor polished completely 

1st or 2nd Gen Hondas (1982-1988)

Econo Rebuild Service

Primo Polishing Service

3rd Gen Magna, 3rd or 4th Gen Interceptor, ST1100, or ANY 500CC (1991-2003)

Econo Rebuild Service

Primo Polishing Service