Welcome to Billys Out Back Home of V4Carbs

Howdy from Texas to all y’all friends of the Honda V4 community! Billy's Out Back is a family owned and operated V4 Honda business located in Canton, TX (about ½ way between Dallas and Tyler). We have specialized in Honda V4 carburetor service for over 15 years.  What started out as a family hobby has become a labor of love and a global network of friends.

We have been avid V4 owners since '82 when the first model (V45 Magna) rolled off the show room floor. Billy’s bike these past 15+ years is an '83 V65 Magna. Dana rides a ‘96 3rd Generation Magna, and one of our sons (Alex) is sporting a V45 700 these days out in Kansas.

If you want to talk before buying, feel free to call us. We love these old bikes and want to see them on the road as many years as possible. So, give us a call- let’s talk bikes! As long-time Magna owners and mechanics, we’ve diagnosed and cured a few quirks and design flaws along the way. Tech advice is free and if we can’t fix it, we probably know someone you can trust with a good answer or services. Riding season is often extreme weather in Texas so the best contact time is often later in the day and late into the coolness of night.     Ride Easy Y’all !

Our Mission – Excellence in service   

Our Vision- Longevity of the Honda V4 Motorcycles.